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Vodka diaries

It is true that nothing is real. Everything that we perceive as real is just what we perceive through the signals received from our five senses. That is reality for us. It is so easy to tweak those impulses and it changes our reality. It can change our thoughts, our feelings and over a period of time - us.

The movie is about that. The reality through the eyes of an ACP who is madly in love with his wife and finds time inspite of his hectic schedule to indulge with her poetry and her. It's a beautiful feeling till a few murders rock the boat. Then when he calls his wife one day hears someone else. Someone whom he considers as the killer. And then, his fight begins and he eventually loses his grip on the case and himself....only to rediscover his true self. Brilliant brilliant thriller. A must watch. So glad I could see it. A big thank you to the entire team of vodka diaries for making such a beautiful movie.


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